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Press Release Date: 2014/02/18

nexMatrix announces Protel PBX LTS that is in the final development stages of Protel LTS (Long Term Stable), with a newly designed interface and additional enhancements including key system functionality.

nexMatrix Telecom announced that is in the final development stages of Protel LTS (Long Term Stable), with a newly designed interface and additional enhancements including key system functionality.

The new release will begin shipping with all Protel PBX hardware on April 1, 2014, according to Dianne Ursini, President and CEO. of nexMatrix Telecom, Inc. The LTS release will be supported until January 2017 and an upgrade path is being provided to Protel PBX customers to LTS. The current Protel PBX line will be supported until 2015.

Protel LTS will feature a completely redesigned user interface, utilizing tools such as HTML 5 and JQuery, Ursini said. The revamped operating system also brings numerous enhancements to the already feature-rich Protel PBX, including many rewrites while adding additional security protection, according to Ursini.

“Our release plans were to introduce Protel II as a major software upgrade in 2015, but we took a hard look at industry trends and decided that we needed to accelerate our development efforts into an interim project,” said Ursini. “The Protel PBX LTS release will bring an enhanced user experience to our premise PBX products, and will bridge the gap moving forward to our long-term goal of the release of Protel II,” she added.

Ursini said that Protel LTS will be released in conjunction with some new PBX products. The Protel PBX Models 2106, 3510, and the 4515 will have options such as a built-in FXO and FXS gateways, to meet the demand for small, medium and enterprise business phone systems that can connect directly to the PSTN and that give end users a choice between traditional key-system functionality and the advanced features of a sophisticated IP-PBX. The Protel 5000 and 6000 models will be announced at a later date.

Ursini also said that the proprietary Protel PBX gives reseller partners an advantage over open-source products. “Our easy-to-use programming interface, coupled with knowledgeable and responsive technical support, give our resellers and installation partners an incredibly versatile and robust PBX product that is proudly made in the USA and that they can recommend confidently to their customers,” she added.

Existing resellers should contact their sales representative for available upgrade paths for the installed base of Protel PBX products. IT providers, managed service companies and phone installation specialists who are interested in becoming a nexMatrix VAR, Partner or Affiliate should contact the company at 208-697-5808.

About nexMatrix Telecom, Inc.

nexMatrix Telecom, Inc., headquartered in Nampa, Idaho, is the holder of multiple divisions serving different sectors of the communications industry. These include the premise Protel PBX, the Protelity Hosted PBX, nexSwitch softswitches and billing systems, connexMatrix cloud management suite, the ATLANTIS suite of CRM/SCM/ERP applications. The company also provides carrier services, including retail and wholesale SIP termination, private line circuits and softswitch timesharing. The company markets and sells their products through Interconnects and Telecom Value Added Resellers. For more information please contact nexMatrix at or call 208.697.5808.