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We are known as different things to different companies,
so here is more about nexMatrix Telecom.

About nexMatrix Telecom

We are known as different things to different companies, so here is more about nexMatrix Telecom. nexMatrix’s founder started in IT in 1971 and has been involved in many projects within the industry, including telecommunications, AI, corporate acquisitions, and many more areas. nexMatrix was formed to provide telephone systems and Contact Relationship Management applications.

Many of you know us, or have been introduced to us, as a the manufacturer of the Protel PBX – a high-end scalable premise system that supports POTS/PSTN, SIP, PRI, and T1 connectivity. With full interoperability with virtually any open SIP phone, the Protel PBX system delivers an affordable, enterprise-grade telecommunications solution that can be scaled from small offices to deployments of 1000′s of users.

The company founder got her start in 1981 in business as the designer of the ATLANTIS of the CRM/Supply Chain Management Application called Distribunet 2100 (A brochure hangs in our office today). The Distribunet system was far ahead of its time, using networking technology back when most people didn’t know what a personal computer was, let alone what a network was. We ran with dumb terminals connected to processors. It was really cool technology – but people, at that time, were purchasing mainframes and mini computers. Of course the computers today that sit on people’s desks are much more powerful than anything back then.

The late nineties came around and Linux and Free BSD were getting very popular in some circles for servers replacing Windows. We moved to the technology, once again, ahead of the curve. We loved the technology so much that in 1999 we build our own Linux distributions. The first distribution was named Frontier Linux followed by Pioneer Linux. These distributions incorporated many different technologies and open source frameworks. We brought in and supported several projects that assisted in making Linux easy to use and install popular applications for. In the early 2000′s when needing to replace our Nortel Meridian system (yes, using a DR5), we decided to find something that would leverage the technologies that we used internally. We started building our own PBX systems and using them for ourselves since we are mainly a company of developers.

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The move to business solutions

In 2004 the company founder wanted to reduce telecommunications costs. Using SIP then, but the costs were not low enough for us. She started development of what would become our Class 4 and Class 5 softswitches using open source frameworks. There were, and still are, a lot of open source applications on the market, including many free tools. We decided they weren’t good enough, so we continued development of proprietary frameworks that formed the basis for all of our products.

Product Innovation

We aren’t just about a plain product line, we’re always innovating for business. With the advent of low-cost ARM processors and boards, we have created a new PBX that provides a small business or family the ability to install a PBX by themselves at one of the lowest-cost PBX systems on the market today. We thought we were the innovators when we released our Protel PBX SOHO Model, but with technology, we’ve learned over the years that it’s always changing as is nexMatrix.

Vertical Markets

nexMatrix has produced products for specific vertical markets such as the franchising industry using specific technologies that build brand loyalty and customer retention. The solution brings many pieces of the puzzle together including the ability to monitor peaks in the business, lost phone calls, and other technologies. A franchise can even run surveys off the Protel PBX to gain a better understanding of the customer perspective and be proactive in customer retention.

The solution offered today is a seasoned offering that provides solutions from small home offices to enterprise to franchises for business solutions, hospitality, call centers along with solutions for start-up CLEC’s, such as origination and termination and full carrier solutions.

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