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Use any Broadband ISP

Cable internet provides an excellent way to deliver VoIP service from nexMatrix – for example, a cable modem connection that delivers 1.5 Mb/s upload speed can support 10 or more concurrent calls at full uncompressed quality, and still only take less than half of the available bandwidth. DSL can, in many cases, be just fine for small businesses with the need for only a few call channels. FiOS and other fiber delivery methods are outstanding, and of course T-1 and other traditional bandwidth delivery pipes are tailor-made for SIP trunks. We can set up your SIP account so that your PBX or other SIP platform connects to our network via either registration or hard IP methods. And every SIP subscriber gets an account portal with many enhanced capabilities.

Down-Forward Feature – never miss another call

nexMatrix SIP service includes down-forwarding for no additional charge. Set a backup phone number from your account portal, and if our network cannot complete a call to your location, the call is automatically routed to your backup number – cell phone, alternate POTS line, answering service, etc. Never miss another inbound call because your ISP is temporarily down!

Enhanced 911/E911 Services

nexMatrix Telecom provides Enhanced 911 routing to the appropriate local emergency dispatch center. E911 serves as a powerful tool to the emergency dispatcher by providing the caller’s address and information when it is not possible for the caller to communicate verbally or the luxury to communicate verbally. E911 services with nexMatrix Telecom may operate differently than traditional 911 services.

International Calls

nexMatrix Telecom provides SIP/VoIP termination service to over 170 global destinations, across our own IP-based network. Our mission is to provide reliable, high-quality termination at a competitive price, without all of the usual hassles associated with wholesale.

Toll Free

Toll Free calls to 888, 877, 866, and 855 are free on nexMatrix Telecom. If you are with another provider, ask us about sending your toll free calls through us.

Operator Assistance

nexMatrix Telecom has developed a comprehensive package for the Hospitality, Legal, and Medical industry that allows Pay Phone Owners, Hotels and Hospitals to gain back revenues lost to mobile and calling card providers.

Whether the service is provided from a pay phone, hotel room, hospital room, or law office you can count on nexMatrix Telecom to provide the services and the accounting tools that help you realize the gains from our products. nexMatrix Telecom is one of a few companies that have the Telephone Operator Service market experience to bring you new-found revenues from your telecom products.

Enhanced 411/E411

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