Your Protel PBX on the Cloud

If you want to improve your business phone system and cut costs locally there’s
no better way than having your Protel PBX on the cloud.

Your Protel PBX on the Cloud

It might sound confusing, but it makes your phone system work smarter and faster for less, without loads of expensive on-site equipment and local IT or telephone support. There are lots of other technical steps involved, but we take care of that for you so you can focus on your business.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We provide you with a full Protel PBX that is yours alone and managed by nexMatrix Telecom
  2. You get the benefits of enterprise-grade features and functionality without the overhead of on-site equipment.
    • The PBX is completely managed by nexMatrix
    • You will have your own PBX on the cloud in one of our secure locations around the country
    • Updates and maintenance are covered by nexMatrix, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your system up-to-date
    • You can have full control of your PBX, or nexMatrix will affect the changes for you
    • The Cloud based Protel PBX is yours alone and not shared by another company or running on a virtual box
  3. You have unlimited growth potential as your company grows

Owning the Protel PBX on the Cloud

Many companies are moving to a virtual or hosted PBX, and when on a Hosted PBX it means that you are sharing a single PBX with many companies. nexMatrix offers a Virtual Protel PBX solution. A virtual Protel PBX differs from a hosted PBX because it is a dedicated PBX server on the cloud that you manage and operate much in the same way as a premise-based PBX.

Controlling your own virtual Protel PBX

Do you have the right people to manage and run your phone system? If you have an IT department or a “phone guy” on staff then you do. By hosting the Protel PBX at one of our many locations you have better control over the settings which are applied and the speed in which they are applied. Some companies have the means to keep a tight rein on their technical operations department, some do not.

Hosted Protel PBX versus Protelity Hosted PBX

When hosting off site, you will be enrolled in a service contract for the Protelity PBX or another hosted PBX. Most likely, hosting companies will charge on a per user basis. If your company has 100 employees at $15 per user per month, that’s $1500 a month or $18,000 per year. The cost of a the virtual Protel PBX is much less expensive, much like purchasing a Protel PBX with excellent savings without the need nor the broadband issues of having your PBX on premise.

If you have multiple locations and off-site teleworkers, you’ll find that a hosted PBX as SaaS (Software as a Service) is your best bet. If your broadband connection goes down, your services continue to operate at your other locations. Ask about down forward services for each number at your locations to a specific phone or other device such as a smartphone.

If you already have a technical staff capable of learning the system and maintaining it, you can easily see the savings. nexMatrix, or one of it’s Partners or VARS can assist your staff in installing and maintaining your off-site Protel PBX.


The on premise version will contain the same functionality as the online hosted version of the Protel PBX. This means that you will not be limited in what your Protel PBX will do and all features and benefits are the same on the virtual Protel PBX as it is with the hosted Protelity PBX, or other hosted PBX solution.

Ongoing Operational Expenses

When it comes time to upgrade hardware it will be up to your company to have the budget to fulfill these obligations when you have your own premise based PBX. Not only are you dealing with the initial hardware expense, but you must also consider expansions, since some PBXs are limited to a number of connections you may need to purchase additional equipment to accommodate adding more connections. With a virtual Protel PBX, you will have the same features and functions without a need to perform a hardware upgrade. Each virtual Protel PBX comes with everything you need to expand easily and quickly.

Deployment Factor

One of the advantages that a virtual Protel PBX has over an on-site Protel PBX is the deployment factor. When looking to get up and running quickly do you have an experienced staff to do this? If not, you may need to consider using a provider that offers offsite hosting since they will already have everything in place and are trained to know the system settings and configurations inside and out. A nexMatrix Protel PBX Partner or VAR can provide you with everything that’s needed.


nexMatrix provides full support on all virtual Protel PBX, Protel Predictive Dialers, and ATLANTIS. nexMatrix Partners and VARS can provide you with the same support as provided directly and chances are they are in your town or nearby.

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