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Working at nexMatrix Telecom Locations

Two locations and the same career paths

nexMatrix has two locations, one in Nampa, Idaho where the company outgrew its facilities, and Indianapolis, Indiana, where the corporate offices are being relocated. There are multiple product lines at nexMatrix, but the only areas of business that require actual manufacturing and assembly are the Protel PBX models and the nexVTec PBX. Manufacturing remains, and will remain, at our Idaho location, where we build the nexVTec PBX, which is a joint effort between nexMatrix and VTech Phones. Also manufactured here are the Protel PBX Models 2106, 3510, 4515, and 5150. Other business functions, including sales, support, development and programming, are replicated in both locations.

Indianapolis, IN and Nampa, ID Career Paths

Operations are located at both locations and there are paths in every area. Programming and application development is a path at bothWorking at nexMatrix Telecom Locations locations, and even those employees in manufacturing are allowed to learn programming during downtime and breaks. nexMatrix provides both shared workspaces and individual cubicles or even offices depending on the commitment level of the employee. A minimum of 1 hour per day will be provided to every employee who wants to move into a different career path and has the ability to use that hour of company time to further his or her personal development. Of course, the area you wish to move in must be a position at nexMatrix.

Regardless of location, you may select and grow in the same areas with the exception of manufacturing, which will be located in Idaho. Preference is given to employees in one location and wanting to fill a position in another. Both locations have their benefit and lifestyle niches, while each is an excellent place to reside and raise families and have an excellent quality of life.

Is it fun and rewarding?

Working at nexMatrix Telecom locations is both rewarding and fun. It’s more than a team for many, it’s a career and a family. We are known as different things to different companies. nexMatrix’s founder started in IT in 1971 and has been involved in many projects within the industry, including telecommunications. nexMatrix was formed to provide telephone systems and Contact Relationship workingManagement applications. We now provide managed services, cloud based services, and even management of a company infrastructure.

The company founder got her start in 1981 in business as the designer of the ATLANTIS of the CRM/Supply Chain Management Application called Distribunet 2100 back then (A brochure hangs in our office today). The Distribunet system was far ahead of its time, using networking technology back when most people didn’t know what a personal computer was, let alone what a network was. We ran with dumb terminals connected to processors. It was really cool technology – but people, at that time, were purchasing mainframes and mini computers. Of course the computers today that sit on people’s desks are much more powerful than anything back then, although the processing power was distributed differently. You may hear our CEO explaining the difference of computing in the 70s and 80s to today and how mainframes and coding were much different back then as everyone was looking for more efficiency in the workforce.

The entrepreneurial spirit lives

We literally seek out those with the entrepreneurial spirit when seeking employees. We find that the best employees are those that are as dedicated as the others in the office today. The company started in a basement, as many have, and has worked itself to a better location over time. Today we sit in professional office space in historic downtown Nampa and have recently expanded our space. People at nexMatrix are a team and work together well, almost as a family.

Not to beat a saying to death as many do, a team player and working well with your peers is paramount in this today. This means that you and the company must fit your personality. As an applicant, you are interviewing us as we interview you, while in the interview process.

Growth at nexMatrix

You have an opportunity like no other at nexMatrix Telecom. As a team member, we work with you to see if you have what it takes to be a productive team player and work well with others in the company. The growth for a company at our stage is phenomenal since we are growing and creating new positions in management as the need arises.

We continue to groom from within versus hiring from outside when the right individual is in a position that requires management. Our founder’s background is in Fortune 10 companies and in making certain that nexMatrix doesn’t have the stigma of a Fortune 500 company, we have a relaxed professional business environment with excellent offices. You can be you at nexMatrix and you have all the opportunities for growth.

Do you fit?

Let’s get started with an interview after you submit an application. You may start at the bottom and work your way up to management, it’s all up to you! If you’re looking for something like a government job, this isn’t the place for you!