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A virtual ATLANTIS CRM SCM application is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) software delivered as a service over the Internet. Small businesses, as well as large business, can derive significant benefits from implementing a CRM strategy and tools with SCM managing not only sales but the supply chain and processes. CRM is a customer-centric strategy that builds a business through increased customer loyalty. A CRM solution’s productivity and efficiency benefits allow value-conscious small businesses to serve more customers using fewer resources. The Supply Chain takes the CRM/sales functions and allows an organization to manage resources (ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning) and Manufacturing requirements (MRP or crmscmManufacturing Resource Planning).

Virtual CRM/SCM for Small to Enterprise Business

Virtual ATLANTIS CRM SCMUp to now, the costs of traditional CRM and SCM systems has outweighed the benefits. Hosted CRM systems reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by offloading the burden of deploying software, owning servers and employing dedicated IT staff from the customer to the CRM supplier. The problem is that a CRM only takes care of part of your business and not the full supply chain from ordering to understanding the requirements of manufacturing or resources.

A vitrualized CRM and SCM is an example of the SaaS (Software as a Service) concept. Traditional software deployments require server software and/or client PC software, the PC’s and servers themselves, and the staff resources to install and maintain both the hardware and the software. Virtual CRM and SCM requires only a browser-equipped PC with a broadband Internet connection. All the functionality and the benefits of a traditional CRM application are served over the Internet.

Virtualized ATLANTIS CRM and SCM eliminates the installation; hardware compatibility and software upgrade issues usually associated with purchasing and managing traditional CRM and SCM systems. In a virtual CRM and SCM deployment, all maintenance, backups, upgrades and system management are the responsibility of nexMatrix. With operation costs taken into account, virtual CRM and SCM implementations cost less, can be implemented sooner and deliver a faster return on investment.

A virtual CRM is a flexible solution that allows a business to subscribe to only the features they need, when they need them. This “pay as you go” model enables a small business to adapt a virtual CRM and SCM solution to their needs. Virtual CRM and SCM dramatically reduces the time associated with new technology adoption. Typically, a new feature can be enabled online, and becomes available to the end-user after their next login. A virtual CRM and SCM solution are location- and computer-independent, so small business CRM and SCM users are free to use their tools anywhere, any time.

While all the cost benefits and flexibility make a compelling case for choosing a virtual or SaaS CRM/SCM solution, the most important factor should always be functionality. CRM/SCM solutions allow small businesses to better serve their customers and to build customer loyalty. Virtual CRM/SCM removes the cost and operational barriers to implementing a customer-driven strategy.

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