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SIP Wholesale Termination

SIP Wholesale Termination is a carrier-class wholesale service to the 48 contiguous United States and Canada. nexMatrix termipix4nates local, interstate and intrastate voice calls. Calls must originate on an IP-enabled device such as telephone adapter, VoIP cable interface box, IP or IP-enabled PBX, WiFi or IP phone and similar devices.

The products and services offered on nexMatrix’s network offer customers a vast array of new communications capabilities. We are constantly adding new innovative products and services to better serve our clients. Voice clarity is just one of the many reasons providers trust nexMatrix with their wholesale communications needs.

Intelligent Routing, on CLEC/IXC facilities, Direct Packet Peering with participating carriers, mediated ENUM and Federation assures the lowest possible price with highest quality. nexMatrix can accommodate specific needs of service providers to design personalized solutions based on their unique requirements.

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Competitively priced, jurisdiction-free plans for IP-to-PSTN Termination include the following options:

Tiered NPA-NXX-based with OCN verification
Blended Rate
Trial or Production Peering-24 hours or less
Toll Free Termination

8XX Termination is the switching of 8XX calls originated by a customer worldwide and delivered to various IXCs for call completion. nexMatrix will conduct the database lookup and determine to which IXC the toll free number belongs and route the call appropriately.
A-Z International Voice Termination

nexMatrix has partnered with worldwide carriers to provide our customer base with international A-Z termination. It delivers several classes of service; from cost-effective to retail-grade. Voice traffic reaches anywhere it needs to go.

E911, 411 directory assistance, CallerID (CNAM lookups) and more

We can help your organization, large or small, with providing from E911 to 411 and even CallerID. Even if your DIDS are not with us, we’ll provide you with the tools to get everything going to make you successful and compliant. As your representative about our wholesale services today.