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Become a Protel PBX Affiliate

Become a Protel PBX Affiliate for those not meeting the requirements of a VAR or Reseller of the Protel PBX may sign-up as an affiliate. nexMatrix Telecom, Inc. can deliver solutions, training, tools, programs and resources you need to close more business and exceed customer expectations. Affiliates may purchase products at MSRP or MAP pricing. Units will be sent pre-configured with all extensions and options when shipped and it becomes a plug-and-play solution for an IT Company for example. IT Companies, or networking organizations, without the ability to have a Configuration Specialist would qualify for the Affiliate program.

Companies without networking staff, which will not meet either the Partner or VAR programs, may become an affiliate and must outsource networking to a third party. Partners and VARS may work with affiliates when required to assist in an implementation.

VARS (Value Added Resellers) and Partners have a different set of requirements including certified network specialists. Please visit the link for VAR and Partner information located at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Fill out an application

Complete the online form below, accept the terms and conditions, and provide the names and roles of key contacts in your company. You will want to have your business identification numbers ready (company tax ID or VAT).

If you have any questions or problems with the application form, please email us and indicate the country you are from so we may assist you appropriately. Please use our contact form to reach us located here.

Western Africa dealers*, please contact us via our contact form before submitting the application.

Minimum Sales Credentials

Employ at least two (1) Sales Specialists who is trained, or will be trained on the Protel PBX**.

One or the other of the following Credentials are required

Minimum Design Credentials

Employ at least one (1) Protel PBX implementation Specialist. This resource may be centralized for country, theatre, or global support but available to all resources at your organization during installation.

Minimum Network Credentials

Employ at least one (1) certified network specialist. This resource may be centralized for country, theatre, or global support but available to all resources at your organization during installation.

Start selling Protel PBX products & services!

Enjoy the partner profitability offered by nexMatrix Telecom, Inc. wholesale discounts, allowing our partners to deliver a competitive street price without relying on distribution. Additionally, our program requires less partner investment than most of our competitor programs. So you hit the road faster, start selling sooner, and make significant margins on the Protel PBX portfolio. It’s time to get started now!

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* Western Africa includes the following countries: Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Mali. Western Africa counties not included are: Western Sahara and Mauritania.

** Training will require a full understanding and capability of the Protel PBX product line including its features and benefits.