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The Protel PBX makes it simple!

From the smallest to largest enterprise

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Unite Applications with the Protel PBX

At the core of the nexMatrix Telecom, Inc’s portfolio infrastructure is the Protel PBX. The PBX is a unified communications call control platform that can deliver the right experience to the right endpoint depending on business requirements. From the smallest business to the largest enterprise, the Protel PBX is the right solution!

We offer the most flexibility in the industry to better suit any business communication needs.


For a Home Office Small Office

The Protel PBX Model 2106 is a compact PBX for small offices, home offices, restaurants and clinics. It offers efficient call management and cost-effective communication yet all the features and communication options of any enterprise system.


Small and Medium Businesses

Small to Medium Business PBX phone systems today are increasingly more sophisticated from call groups to acids from auto attendance to conference bridges. The Protel PBX provides specialized features to support your business workflow and even more. Ask us how!


Solutions for the largest enterprises

The Protel PBX Enterprise Options provide the services employees want and your enterprise expects. From automated attendants, conferencing, call forwarding and unified communications, to custom feature design to better manage the critical details of full enterprise demands!

Features You’ll Enjoy

Our Protel PBX is feature packed and extremely reliable! Run it with POTS or VoIP!


We constantly update the Protel PBX control panel to provide you a simple solution to make changes and produce reports. You’ll also have the ability to manage via Web Gulf Portal.


You have unified communications not only for voicemail to email, but you can be notified of outages, down forwards, and many other issues that can occur, even if a phone is unplugged!


Our doors never close! You may use our Knowledge Base for answers, Support Ticket System, and telephone support if you subscribe, even 24×7 support!


Your system has unprecedented uptime! You can order your Protel PBX with redundant power supplies, or even have a backup ready to go on hosted and switched automatically!


We have partners who can provide sales and installations in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Western Africa. Contact us for sales or installation support in those locations!


Know when your peaks are and lows, need more people to answer the phones or just want to know how your company is doing on getting calls?

The Protel PBX provides an extensive array of monitoring and call data mining tools that allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your business. From real time call & que data to call re-sending and management “spy” features such as whisper, listen and bange are available to keep your company at peak performance.