Protel LTS PBX

PBX Features


    • Dual Registration – Twin a desk phone and a mobile app to one extension seat
    • Unlimited Auto Attendants – manage call routing based on time of day
    • Attendant Recordings – record from any handset, or upload recordings
    • Dynamic Attendants – designate up to 10 dynamic recordings that can be changed “on the fly” from handsets or a dial-in number
    • Holiday Scheduling – create custom behaviors for holiday-based schedules
    • Unlimited Ring Groups – define groups of phones that will ring
    • Cascading Call Flow – calls flow through groups and into queues or attendants
    • Blind Transfer – transfer a call directly to another user’s phone
    • Attended Transfer – put an call on hold, call another user & connect them
    • Transfer to Voicemail – send a call directly to voicemail without ringing a phone
    • Forward on No Answer – ring a cell phone if no answer at the desk phone
    • Unconditional Forward – forward calls immediately to a cell phone
    • Cell Phone Twinning – ring a desk phone and your cell phone simultaneously
    • Intercom – hands-free calling to any extension user
    • Paging Groups – make announcements through phone speakers
    • Overhead Paging – easily interface to existing PA systems
    • Call Parking – transfer calls to parking slots to allow any phone to pick up
    • Conference Calling – connect multiple calls together right from your phone
    • Conference Bridge – designate a call-in number for participants from anywhere
    • Call Recording – full time by extension, or any call on the fly
    • Dial-by-name Directory – search for extension users by matching letters
    • Distinctive Ring – activate different rings depending on the source of the call
    • Do Not Disturb – PBX-based or use the DND button found on most phones
    • Combine Multiple Offices – connect IP phones or softphones to a single PBX from anywhere in the world, or tie multiple PBX units together
    • Busy Lamp Fields – full support for monitoring & multi-purpose keys
    • Multiple Trunk Support – use a nexMatrix SIP trunk, another carrier SIP service, PRI or POTS lines (hardware upgrade) – or any combination
    • Trunk Customization – specify rules for E911 and caller ID
    • Listen/Whisper/Barge – authorized users can listen to calls, “whisper” to inter-nal users or even join a call in progress.


• Unlimited Voicemail – every extension user has a personalized voicemail box
• Voicemail to Email – have the system email you when a voicemail is received
– with the actual message attached as a .wav audio file
• Easy Navigation – skip messages, fast-forward, rewind
• Save Messages – create folders to save messages and sort them
• Message Forwarding – forward messages to other users and add comments
• Access Options – create a call-in number for employees to call in to access the voicemail system, or create an access code from an attendant
• Management Options – Use your phone handset to manage messages, or use the web-based extension user panel


•Custom Logins – create custom logins for users with specialized permissions to make routine changes
• Extension User Logins – user access to a web UI to generate call records, listen to recorded calls and manage voicemails
• Logical, Simple Programming – no specialized skills needed to program and administer the PBX and phones
• Report Generation – easily create CDR (call detail records) for the entire de-ployment by date range, or filter by extension, destination, or length
• Limit Extension Features – turn off access to any PBX feature by extension user
• Secure and Reliable – Linux-based server architecture with built-in IP blocking and whitelisting capabilities
• International PIN – activate security code requirement for international calls
• QoS – define DiffServ parameters to give VoIP traffic priority on the network


• Unlimited Queues – every call gets answered and distributed to agents in the order received
• Dynamic Call Agents – any extension can log in or out of any queue
• Static Call Agents – assign any extension to always be part of a queue
• Complex Call Flows – set time outs, prioritize callers that have waited too long, even give callers an opt-out option
• Real-Time Monitoring – wallboard screens show the status of queues including agents and calls waiting
• Detailed Reports – generate detailed reports showing peak times, average wait time and lists of abandoned calls
• Messaging and Announcements – customize the recordings that callers hear while waiting and have the system announce their place in line

Available only from a certified nexMatrix reseller partner

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