Market the Protel PBX

Become a Protel PBX Affiliate, Partner, or VAR and assist us to market the Protel PBX.

There are different requirements for each and those not meeting the requirements of a VAR or Reseller of the Protel PBX may sign-up as an affiliate.
nexMatrix Telecom, Inc. can deliver solutions, training, tools, programs and resources you need to close more business and exceed customer expectations.
Affiliates may purchase products at MSRP or MAP pricing. Units will be sent pre-configured with all extensions and options when shipped and it becomes
a plug-and-play solution for an IT Company for example. IT Companies, or networking organizations, without the ability
to have a Configuration Specialist would qualify for the Affiliate program.

We can cover your options with you and find the right spot for you!

Become an Affiliate, Partner, or VAR

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