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Get a Protel PBX Demo. Let the Protel PBX integrate your calling and see how with Protel PBX demo, conferencing and messaging
into one highly intuitive communications system. Your employees will collaborate more easily, work smarter and stay connected
wherever they are. And as your company responds faster and more effectively to customer needs, you’ll create more
revenue-driving opportunities than ever before

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Demo Protel PBX enables nexMatrix Telecom associates, Distributors, and Partners to demonstrate Protel PBX products and solutions to customers anywhere, and at anytime with just an internet connection.

The range of available capabilities are extensive – everything from a simple demonstration of the technology behind the Protel IP PBX Telephony, to the efficiency of a Protel PBX Unified Communications environment.

Explore the site and learn how the Protel PBX can increase your revenue through demonstration of Protel PBX products and solutions to your customers.

You’ll get personal attention

You’ll be assigned an account manager who will bring you through the process. You’ll have a support representative that will explain the processes in detail if you need more. Unlike most companies, when you call you’ll get a real person and assigned your own account manager.

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