Call Center Solution

Call Center Solution

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*Dual Registration – Register any cell phone or PC soft app as a dual extension to any desk extension.

*Cell Phone Cloning – Clone any cell phone to desk extension.

*IP and Analog Endpoints – We work with any open SIP 2 endpoints. We have tested and proven excellent reliability with Grandstreams FXO/FXS gateways to integrate with any form of basic and enterprise level analog endpoints.

*Call Center Statistics – Real time call statistics that can be viewed through the web interface or customized and displayed using the FOP2 flash panel.

*Unlimited Auto Attendants – Create unlimited auto attendants to help funnel call flow to the pertinent departments in your organization.

*Call Center Software Partnership – We have partnered up with Telereach for a well balanced, feature rich, and economical Call Center software solution.

*FOP2 Flash Panel – FOP2 flash panel gives full control over call flow from the luxury of your PC screen. Perfect for that front line receptionist to quickly and easily manage call flow.

*Multiple Locations – Have multiple locations all on the same system.

*Full Time Call Recording – Have select extensions or all extensions have all calls recorded. Can set up for customized auto deletion time.

*Versitile and Flexible Call Flow – Customize your call flow to the best needs of your organization.

*Soft Phone Extensions – Extensions can be registered to a soft phone on a PC for ease and performance.

*Hands Free Solutions – We have partnerships with both Jabra and Teledynamics for a variety of headset and hands free solutions.

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