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SIP VoIP Telephone Service

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nexMatrix provides SIP VoIP Telephone Service to business phone systems and wholesale customers. For business it may utilize existing customer premises telephone equipment and broadband connections. nexMatrix is a VoIP Provider, which can interop with most IP PBX equipment and providers for contact centers, help desks, and business customers from small offices to large enterprises.

With nexMatrix you’ll have the ability to communicate locally or globally with clear voices that you’d expect from a business-class communications carrier. We offer a wide range of VoIP products to satisfy the needs of small to medium size businesses, contact centers, enterprises and even carriers.SIP VoIP Telephone Service

Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service is the ability to provide different priority to different applications, users, or data flows, or to guarantee a certain level of performance to a data flow. For example, a required bit rate, delay, jitter, packet dropping probability and/or bit error rate may be guaranteed. Jitter is one of the most troublesome issues facing the delivery of SIP traffic. Quality of Service guarantees are important if the network capacity is insufficient, especially for real-time streaming multimedia applications such as voice over IP, since SIP/VoIP often requires a fixed bit rate and are delay sensitive, and in networks where the capacity is a limited resource. Understanding how your service is delivered so you understand what the QoS will be in your installation. Different methods of delivery will bring different results and understanding these delivery methods assists you in providing an understanding for you and your 3Pixcustomer/end-user. Let’s review each of these methods of delivery. Remember, when you deliver a service with your PBX, they’ll be calling you to troubleshoot the network. Regardless of what’s installed, you’ll be the person your company calls when there is an issue with any Quality of Service!

Cable and DSL

Cable and most DSL is provided on a best-effort network or service delivery and in most cases does not support Quality of Service required for your SIP service. Probably the least expensive method of delivery of Internet services, it also presents the most problems. An alternative to complex QoS control mechanisms is to provide high quality communication over a best-effort network by over-provisioning the capacity so that it is sufficient for the expected peak traffic load. The resulting absence of network congestion eliminates the need for QoS mechanisms.

How we deliver services – The Speed of Light

Optical fiber can be used as a medium for telecommunication and networking because it is flexible and can be bundled as cables. It is especially advantageous for long-distance communications, because light propagates through the fiber with little attenuation compared to electrical cables. This allows long distances to be spanned with few repeaters. For short distance applications, such as a network in an office building, fiber-optic cabling can save space in cable ducts. This is because a single fiber can carry much more data than electrical cables such as 4 pair Cat-5 Ethernet cabling. Fiber is also immune to electrical interference; there is no cross-talk between signals in different cables, and no pickup of environmental noise.

Our communications backbone uses fiber to transport communications via connected resources in multiple locations. Let’s take a look at our map to gain a better understanding of using our fiber backbone. Understanding this will allow you to understand how services are delivered and how we can provide a better SLA than most companies. Remember, nexMatrix Telecom attempts to partner with providers in all areas of the country, and at times we are unable to deliver an SLA because of the transport to our fiber network(s). We will explain how services are delivered so you can understand how the SLA works with different technologies.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is nexMatrix Telecom can deliver services to your Protel PBX or other PBX manufacturer and allow you to provide a service that allows your company to provide the service required to your customer. Using a T1 circuit directly connected will allow you to move your telephone calls at a lower cost in most cases over a PRI circuit with an equivalent SLA. The trick is avoiding the Internet connection between you and your phone service, or cutting down the amount of time your calls spend on the Internet making it to the softswitch with any SIP provider.

If you have any questions on our technology or how we transport traffic, or even about using a DSL or Cable connection, please contact your Account Manager or Sales Representative for more assistance.

Give us a call today at 208.697.5808 and we’ll explain it in plain English.