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PBX Support Agreements

PBX Support Agreements for your hardware and software enterprise solutions, including remote automated resolutions via our connexMatrix applications or a tech support representative.

The Protel IP PBX telephony solutions offer a rich and flexible feature set. Protel offers both classic PBX functionality and advanced features, and it interops with traditional standards-based telephony systems and Voice over IP systems. The Protel PBX features include fuctions that are often associated with large, high end (and high cost) proprietary PBXs.

For maximum flexibility and uptime, protect your Protel PBX communications solutions with our standardized, globally available support. Choose our Support Advantage Preferred package for:

  1. 24 x7 remote software and hardware support
  2. 24×7 proactive remote monitoring
  3. Remote, automated resolutions of alarms 98% of the time
  4. Reduced major outage risk by up to 83%
  5. Fast response for web tickets—under 20 minutes for major troubles
  6. Advanced diagnostics that help fix complex problems quickly and remotely
  7. Alarm notification to Cell Phone via text message or email
  8. Access to the same scripting technologies used by nexMatrix for preventing issues

Support is available from nexMatrix Telecom, or one of our authorized VARS.

Parts Replacement and Onsite Support

Authentic parts and experienced onsite technicians help ensure you have the right part at the right time, installed correctly. Onsite Support replaces defective parts, excluding terminals, and is available 8×5 or 24×7 in most geographical areas. If you don’t select Onsite Support, Parts Replacement covers critical defective parts.

Use connexMatrix Diagnostics to Fix Problems Fast

Increase the productivity of your IT Staff and end users using our connexMatrix technology that’s implemented remotely. Diagnose intermittent issues quickly, and pinpoint bottle necks. When opening a new branch, run post-deployment tests remotely. Get all this done remotely without adding complex equipment. It’s like having a technician right on your site using connexMatrix.

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