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Annoucements on the Protel PBX

The announcements on the Protel PBX will be published here including changes, additions, and modifications on this page. If you have any questions, please contact us. Any feature requests should go through our support staff and issues found with your system should have a support ticket opened.

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11/19/2014 – Version 3.0.129 – Protel LTS, Protelity LTS, and nexVTec LTS

An extension auto delete voicemail has been added that allows an administrator setting up, or adding a new extension to add an auto delete for voicemails that are sent to the extension users email. Using this feature frees up the extension user so they don’t have to delete the voicemail on their phones and eliminates the flashing voicemail indicator.

10/14/2014 – Version 3.0.125 – Protel PBX LTS and Protelity LTS
Extension unreachable issues with the dialplan that have caused issues and ongoing with call groups in particular and other issues related. Extensions were coming back as invalid because they were unreachable and not able to ring groups. The change allows the PBXes to ignore extensions that are not connected.

10/8/2014 – Version 3.0.120 – Protel PBX LTS
Music on-hold was repaired with an issue of using incorrect WAV file formats and the forward issue resolved. The forward issue was corrected in hard forwards. The forwarded calls would get a specific of rings was using half the timer.

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