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About our Affiliate Partner and VAR Programs

With each level of association brings different levels of services from nexMatrix to you.

Depending on the number of resources and commitment to the Protel PBX line and connexStream, will mean what the commitment of the company is to you.

Let’s look at the three (3) levels of partnerships for the Protel PBX


Affiliates are smaller telephony or networking companies that do not have dedicated resources in specialized areas. For example, a telephony company may have excellent Implementation Specialists, but not have networking. At the same time, a small networking company may have networking of course but not an Implementation Specialist. We attempt to group telephony companies with IT organizations/network companies when possible. Discounts are based on MSRP and MAP pricing. Systems may be ordered pre-configured which allows your organization to simply plug and play the device.

Most smaller telephony and IT companies fit in this category with a single sales representative and a small networking or telephone installation staff. Companies with 1 to 5 employees usually fit in this category.


While Partners do not have to make any volume commitments, a partner for the Protel PBX will have a dedicated Sales Staff of at least two (2) people, at least one (1) Protel PBX Implementation Specialist, and at least one (1)  certified Network Specialist. Depending on sales volume, a partner will enjoy three (3) different levels of support from nexMatrix on the Protel PBX and connexStream.


Our prize fighters, a VAR has made a commitment on the number of sales and has the resources to commit to making the Protel PBX a mainstay in their business. The requirements are more difficult than a Partner but the rewards much more beneficial including steeper discounts, more support services, and training.

Which is right for your company

Not certain where you want to be or need to be? Give us a call and we’ll direct you, based on your input, to the right level of partnership. We can assist your growth and you can start as an Affiliate and move up and so on.

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