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Protelity Hosted PBX on the cloud

Protelity Hosted PBX on the cloud to deliver services based on our nexSwitch platform assuring you of optimum performance and reliability. Hosted PBX is a widely used term today using it to blanket a variety of services. Each service provider has implemented their own versions of what they believe is a hosted PBX and this has led to confusion and misconceptions in the marketplace. Protelity. from nexMatrix Telecom, Inc, used a proven IP/PBX system today based on nexSwitch. nexMatrix is the developer of one of the most powerful switches inpix5 the market today.

Bottom line, nexMatrix provides you with proven tools and resources that can’t be matched even by the larger companies.

The bottom line

Instead of purchasing a telephone system you can purchase just the phones and have them delivered to you and simply plug them in. This allows you to have a phone system that plain old works and start making calls immediately. You place the telephone on your desk and plug in the network cable from your computer into your telephone and the included cable from your telephone to your computer.

Need your current telephone numbers? We can port these numbers for you from your current telephone provider to us.

Your call attendant, if selected, is already set to go and when a caller calls you you’ll have the professional presence that companies spending thousands of dollars for a phone system has. You can have press 1 for sales 2 for administration, 3 for accounting and so on. There is no need to purchase a telephone system using Protelity and you’ll save money. What’s more is that your company will save on the phone bill as well. We use nexMatrix SIP trunking, a solid telephone service, for delivering your dial-tone.

All the telephones are preconfigured before you receive them and they have their extensions on them, the features all programmed on the telephone such as the busy lamp fields so you can tell who else is on the telephone in your office. You can setup your own speed dials and everything else. Voicemail is even ready and set to you and all you need to do is record your voicemail greeting.

A tad more

The nexMatrix Protelity hosted PBX system is unlike the others on the market today and what other companies are offering for a hosted PBX system. In many company that offer a hosted PBX someone just sets up a instance of an Asterisk server (an open source produce). Protelity is the best in internet services and does not over subscribe it’s services as many do at the expense of quality, reliability and service to the provider.

We deliver services based on our nexSwitch platform assuring you of optimum performance and reliability using IBM hardware for our services. You’ll have access to a portal that allows you to monitor and make changes to your account. Our invoices are like no other in the industry and provides you with detailed billing unheard of in this industry including the detail of every call made with duration. A few options are listed below:

Call Management
Unlimited Users
Free On Network Calling
Free Extension Dialing
Message Waiting Indicator Port Your Number
Supported Devices
Attendant Menu
Hunt Group
Ring Group
As many Phone Numbers as needed Business Hours Routing
Inbound Bridge
External Phone Numbers
Click To Call
Conference Bridge (Optional)

Business versus Residential

If you run a business, you need to understand the difference between a business services versus residential service. A residential services usually doesn’t provide call attendants any may limit you to one line per phone or implementation. We provide unlimited calls in on many of our plans and you’ll never miss a call again. Most small and medium sized business today have more than one person on the phone at one time and nexMatrix’s Protelity offering allows you to make multiple calls via a single line.

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