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Our Softswitch Glance

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Our Softswitch Glance is designed to provide service providers with an all-in-one management tool for IP telephony services. The nexSwitch Softswitch VoIP Platform Solution integrates Call Routing Services, Billing, Client Management and a Reporting Platform to provide VoIP-Based Origination and Termination Services.Our Softswitch Glance

The nexMatrix nexSwitch VoIP Softswitch Solution incorporates a Softswitch, Billing Server, optional VoIP Hardware (for PSTN-Based termination or origination) and Full Technical Integration. The nexSwitch VoIP billing software enables you to3pixA successfully manage prepaid/postpaid services, Wholesale, Termination, Callback, switch failover, IP Phones, Direct DID, all from one solution.


You can provide timesharing services

The nexSwitch softswitch allows full Wholesale Timesharing in the VoIP industry which allows you to create as many wholesale pairing customers as needed. By using this tool user can create multiple customers who are selling services. Each provider can have their own sets of plans and billing option. nexMatrix has been providing CLEC timesharing services to the industry for over 6 years.


Keep your network active and profitable

nexSwitch offers flexible routing between VoIP networks with reliability and high scalability. nexSwitch supports various routing systems including Priority Base Routing, Loss-Less Routing, Time Base Routing, Percentage base routing, Quality Based Routing, Least Cost Routing, Port capacity Base Routing, Error Code Base Routing, Translation Base Routing and many more.


One of the fastest in the industry

nexSwitch is one of the fastest class 4/class 5 softswitches in the world and allows instant connectivity on VoIP calls. This helps you offer better call quality to your end users, which can potentially increase your calling minutes phenomenally, thereby helping you to get ahead of your competitors. You also have in-network routing to reduce times.


Providing Rate Plan Management

We are always concerned about user’s flexibility – that’s why nexSwitch is loaded with advanced client and rate plan management facilities. By using this module, users will enjoy the ability to create an unlimited number of different retail and wholesale rate plans and also assign them different originating and terminating rates. You may even pass customers through different providers on termination and origination.


You can trace all your billing activity

nexSwitch is superior than any other softswitch because our system can trace all billing activities. Its help track changed, updated, and deleted information by any other existing user. Even more popular with our users is the ability to forecast future billing and trends on the switch. Billing is provided in both traditional paper and automated tank balance deductions, allowing you and your customer decide what’s best. You may track both independently.


Get called, emailed, or texts of problems

nexSwitch conveys behavior based alarm to admins and also your customers in case of any emergency situation occurred by server based, security based, performance based, and revenue based problems. The connexMatrix module allows for thresholds to be monitored on a variety of areas. For customers, you may provide a proactive experience, even notifying them of their own network outages.

There is even more and you can learn more by visiting the nexSwitch website!