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nexMatrix is the hidden secret

nexMatrix is the hidden secret. Chances are you’ve built your business like we have, no venture capital and just hard work and customer satisfaction. nexMatrix Telecom, the manufacturer of the Protel PBX, is an employee owned and run company. When you speak to your sales representative, technical support, or your MSR (Marketing Support Representative), you’re speaking to an owner in the company who takes pride in what they do. Meeting your objectives is what everyone at nexMatrix Telecom strives for.We’ve built an organization that not only listens to our partners, but we implement what they request. Calling major providers always ends up with your requests being buried in some bureaucracy, not here. You’ll find that many of the features in the Protel PBX came from suggestions from partners just like you with years and years of experience.

I haven’t heard of you before

We hear this a lot and it’s a problem we’ve had in the past. The original founders of the company are more technical than marketing. Starting in the 1980′s with networking and personal computers when mainframes ruled the world or producing Linux distributions in the late 1990s to early 2000′s. We just weren’t good in marketing our products, but with the addition of sales and marketing teams, we’re working to get the word out to not only resellers, but also the end-user, you’re customer.

We will continue to assist our partners with marketing, sales, telemarketing, direct sales campaigns, and more. When our partners make a commitment to us, we make one right back with resources to assist your company to expand.

We’re in this together, bringing better products and solutions to market with help from our expanding partner network.

Who’s leading who here?

It’s a great question, many companies today and including those market leaders, lead by control. If you don’t make your numbers, they’re going to drop you and it’s as simple as that! What a great means of excreting control over a market, and it’s been working also! We hear it all the time, we want to work with you but can’t, we’ll lose our dealership because we won’t meet our numbers. That’s not how we work at nexMatrix Telecom. We work with our partners and understand their needs and concerns, while they express their’s back to us. We’ve listened and the end-result is a PBX that is unsurpassed in the industry with a price point that lets you make a profit! Remember, we don’t answer to investors and we don’t have to produce a massive profit on each system we sell.

We’re glad you visited our partner pages, and we wish you success in your market. We also know some of you won’t be able to partner even if you want to because of the current providers you have. If you do partner with us, you won’t be dropped and will be a valued member of our team.

Again, it takes a lot of us working together to make the Protel PBX what it is today and even more so in us working to get the product out to more people. Adding new features and functions come from you!

You may be requested to join the president’s roundtable from time to time. We hope you take the opportunity to give us more feedback if invited!

Learn more about deploying a Protel PBX and other products to help your business by call us toll free at 855-NEX-MATRIX