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Hosted PBX Services

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nexMatrix Telecom has been a pioneer in telecommunications and Hosted PBX Services is no different. nexMatrix started its hosted PBX services in 2004 using its own Protelity Hosted PBX servers. We were one of the first companies to provide an online user experience, and nexMatrix customers have always had the opportunity to make changes such as call forwarding, changing extensions and review of online bills. Our customer service team is always there to assist you via our support ticket system and also right on the phone!

You’ll get reliable, enterprise-class Hosted PBX services without the enterprise cost to your business! Our hosted VoIP service puts everything in the cloud, so there is less your IT and network team needs to manage, and because it’s future proof you don’t have to worry about upgrades. In addition, the nexMatrix Hosted PBX is managed over our nationwide redundant network, ensuring that you get superior call quality and VoIP management.

nexMatrix Cloud was born in late 2013 based on the growth within nexMatrix Telecom, Inc. A separate division was required to manage the spurt we are experiencing.The nexMatrix Cloud office business phone system makes every business1PixA more efficient and more profitable. We help our customers grow their businesses through easy-to-use features that improve productivity and give the business a professional telephone presence. We do this at a cost your business will love! We provide more for less with more redundancy and fault tolerance than any company for less!

We may not be the biggest, but we certainly are the best. We have a national backbone that is fully redundant and fault tolerant, which means you won’t go down because of our equipment. We can take it one step further if your phones are critical, as an example a pizza shop that lives by calls, using cellular, POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), and forwarding on down services. We work harder and it shows!


We provide the functionality you need

What we learned is that it isn’t about the latest and greatest technology, but meeting the needs of each business. We can tailor a solution to meet your needs instead a cookie cutter solution.


Redundant and Fault Tolerant

Our network uses redundant PBX switches throughout it’s network. If one fails you rollover to another without even noticing. You’ll also have the ability to forward calls to a backup line.


We can provide you with call queues

Graphical reports showing how your people are doing in queues are available. You’ll be able to see high and low volume peaks at a glance. Agents log into and out of queues at any time.


Our connexMatrix control panel

The first in the industry to offer monitoring and alerts if something goes wrong, even a phone being unplugged. You can watch your PBX installation from anywhere at anytime, even on your smartphone or tablet.


Reporting with graphics and data

You can pull reports and data at anytime on your activity. Want to see a specific extension? You can pull reports. Want to know what’s going on live? You have the ability to monitor and listen to calls and train if needed.


Call or use our support system

All of our Hosted PBX accounts come with full support and proactive monitoring. You can call and get a person on the phone. For critical accounts, live 24×7 support is available. Never worry about getting something fixed again.