Auto Dealership Solution


*Dual Registration – Register any cell phone or PC soft app as a dual extension to any desk extension.

*Cell Phone Cloning – Clone any cell phone to desk extension.

*Spy Features – Use Whisper, Listen, and Barge to help facilitate in sales training and monitoring.

**Whisper – Whisper to your sales staff without outside caller knowing.

**Listen – Listen to a conversation without either party knowing.

**Barge – Barge into a conversation to force a 3-way.

*Free Cell Phone Soft App – Free cell phone soft app that works in wifi, and 4G to place and recieve calls as a system extension.

*Unlimited Auto Attendants – Create unlimited auto attendants to help funnel call flow to the pertinant departments in your organization.

*Automatic Call Distribution – The perfect internet or call center solution with log in/out features, round robin, next available, or longest down distribution.

*FOP2 Flash Panel – FOP2 flash panel gives full control over call flow from the luxury of your PC screen. Perfect for that front line receptionist to quickly and easily manage call flow.

*Multiple Locations – Have multiple locations all on the same system.

*Full Time Call Recording – Have select extensions or all extensions have all calls recorded. Can set up for customized auto deletion time.

*Versitile and Flexible Call Flow – Customize your call flow to the best needs of your organization.

*Individual Department and Manager Logons – Create tiered, customized logons for departments and manager groups so that they monitor their specific management groups only. Includes Spy features, and access to management group call recordings

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