Our smallest PBX ever!
The µSOHO™ PBX for your family or Small Office

The smallest PBX for Home and Small Offices with 10 or less people, the µSOHO PBX or Micro SOHO, is at the right price with the right phone service. The µSOHO is based on the world class Protel PBX that serves the smallest of offices to the largest of enterprises and families. Remember, most PBX systems require a lot of installation assistance or a professional to install it for you. Using the µSOHO Wizard allows you to do your installation easily without needing the experience of a system installer. Forums are also available for installation assistance. A nexMatrix Partner, or our support team is available if a Partner is not in your area, to get your µSOHO running. The new µSOHO PBX is intended for a small business or a family looking to lower their cell phone bills, or just give each member of the family their own telephone or unit.

This unit is smaller than a pack of cigarettes but packs a powerful punch with loads of voicemail and features in systems you would expect costing hundred or even thousands and tens of thousands more. Support will be provided via our forums and by phone at an additional charge. Of course you can purchase a unit from a nexMatrix VAR (Value Added Reseller) or Partner.

Getting cabled and ready

If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, there is a solution for you. If you are a do it yourself type of person, then you’ll have everything you need plus an easy to use µSOHO. A nexMatrix business partner can assist you with the installation of your µSOHO. The µSOHO Wizard makes it so simple you’ll have you or your kids installing it for you in no time.

How it works for a family

Many families have cell phones and plans with a very large cost associated with it. It’s great for texting and keeping in touch and sometimes even for tracking family members where they are via GPS. What the µSOHO PBX is intended for is to allow plans that provide family members their own extensions and a phone number if wanted that rings their extension, much like an office extension, with voicemail. So when someone calls an extension with a phone number it rings only that extension. If someone calls a family’s main number, they can have a greeting such as “Thank you for calling the Steven’s family, if you know the extension of whom you are calling you may press that at any time, or press 1 for a family directory, or zero to find someone”. This is only an example of course, but you should get the idea. Most family members spend most of their time home in some cases. If you get a call for someone not home, but they do have a cell, you can transfer the call out to the cell phone so no one losses a call. You can even forward the telephone call from your phone to your cell phone.

So families now have their cell phones, and in many cases a smartphone is used such as an iPhone or Android. Each member may have their extension on the phone using a softphone application they may install.So phones may not be required. You can even have an extension on your iPad or Android tablet. The options are pretty much unlimited.

To the right you’ll see a set of Grandstream phones, also known as DECT telephones, with a low cost and similar to cordless phones. These phones allow you to transfer calls, so if mom picks up she can transfer the call to someone else. Each phone, as mentioned, can have it’s own number, or may just be an extension. SIP/VoIP is very inexpensive and allows you to save on a regular landline from a traditional phone company. This is the perfect method to save money on your cell and home phone bill.

Have an office somewhere else? You can have an extension at your office and connect it to your home PBX system by just plugging it in and having it connect. Going somewhere with WiFi?You can take your iPhone or Android with you and have that extension and number, if you have one, with you and never miss a call. 4G is also perfect so you are always connected. Limit the calls on your smartphone and save on your plans using WiFi. When you don’t have good WiFi coverage, your µSOHO PBX will send the calls to your cell phone thus lowering your cell phone bills.

Too late for family calls after a certain time in the evening? You can play a message that you aren’t taking calls and to leave a message, and you can even give an option to press zero in case of an emergency. The options are almost unlimited!


A home office and a family

We’re seeing more startups working out of their homes today. Many of these startups only use a cell phone or traditional phone hardwired to a traditional provider. Imagine all the features, functions, and benefits listed above and now add a single or multiple business telephones. You may have a single, or multiple telephone numbers for your family, but now add your business number and point that to a call attendant, or even connect it to a group of extensions and when no one answers, an auto attendant can be played or sent to a voicemail. You can extension dial between your family and office workers if you have them.

Select a business phone(s) for your business and place it on your desk, or you can use one of the phones shown for your family. The lamps to the right on this phone allow you to have presence lamps so you can see who’s on the phone at anytime. You can also listen in and monitor calls if you need to hear a conversation. Speed dials are also able to be place on the phone. The phone has 4 lines on this phone, and some are available with even more lines. You can monitor your family and your office with the use of the right phone for the job.

If your business is away from home, you can have your µSOHO PBX at the office and all the phones for the family at the house. You’re never far away from phone when you connect everyone to the µSOHO PBX.

Just for your office

Like any PBX you can get a full featured system that is self installable or installed by a professional nexMatrix partner. Cabling is not required for the DECT phones described in the home article.

nexMatrix manufacturers small to very large PBX telephone systems that fit the smallest office to the largest!

Family or business associates can connect from anywhere

Whether you are using a telephone connected to an internet connection, or an iPhone or Android, you can connect anyone anywhere to the new µSOHO PBX. It’s inexpensive and provides you with more features and functionality than telephone systems costing thousands, or tens of thousands, of dollars.

You get updates just like the Protel PBX lines

As with the Protel PBX line, we always change and add features to the PBX based on the demands by our customers. There are free updates for 3 months with the µSOHO PBX and we’re always changing and adding features. If you want to continue to get updates to the PBX, you can extend the updates for a low annual cost, or pay monthly with your telephone bill.

It’s made in the USA

We know not many people care if a product is manufactured in the United States or another country. We will proudly manufacture this unit, as with the others, in Nampa, Idaho in the United States. Located in the heartland of the country, this will be one product we believe can beat the foreign competition with innovation and excellent price points.

Our case is manufactured in the US in Ohio just outside of Cleveland!