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Bringing world class solutions to companies by providing a switching environment that allows you to implement a turn-key solution. Innovative products that bring switching and billing technologies starting at smaller organizations entering the market to large enterprise customers. Fully scalable softswitching – from passing small amounts of traffic to hundreds of thousands of calls.

The nexSwitch Softswitch is a state of the art switch for Internet Telephony Providers and large scale enterprises. nexSwitch is built on the ATLANTIS database and billing system that has been around since 1981. nexSwitch also brings into play a powerful CRM to keep all notes of conversations with customers. A full incident ticketing system provides a powerful support tool as well.

nexSwitch is a ready to use solution for broadband VoIP/SIP services, wholesale termination suppliers, DID origination, SIP trunk features with many more applications. Perfectly suited for smaller providers, large CLEC or ILEC providers and corporate enterprise customers.


nexMatrix delivers products on different platforms depending on your requirements and the infrastructure talent within your company.

Deciding on your deployment

nexMatrix will install nexSwitch on your hardware if it meets the requirements. Depending on configuration, there will be a minimum of 4 Intel servers required for a starter deployment*. On an IBM z Series you will require a VM license and an engine available for full use or partial use depending on your specific requirements. Other options include our custom hardware solutions, IBM X Series Intel servers or an IBM z Series mainframe or HP Superdome mainframe.

Regardless of your solution choice, nexMatrix will deliver the solution that makes sense for your organization. From a small VoIP/SIP provider to a large CLEC/ILEC or a large enterprise, nexMatrix Telecom will provide the tools needed for a successful deployment.

Contact us today to understand how your company can grow using a nexSwitch deployment.

* One softswitch, one billing server, one billing backup server and one combined billing server. A 5th server for redundancy on your softswitch is recommended but not a requirement.


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